Book project «To The Mountains. A History Of Alpinism»

Author: Lada Bakal
Illustrator: Tatiana Ukleiko
Publisher: «Peshkom Books» Publishing House

277x217x11 mm

64 pages


This book is a collection of stories united by one theme: mountains.
A couple of centuries ago, the mountains were completely unexplored-white spots on the maps. But at the end of the XIX century, everything changed: curiosity, thirst for adventure and trials led a person to the top. People began to explore the mountains: from not at all high to incomprehensibly huge. This book is about the history of this intoxicating, dangerous and courageous research.
     What flags did the pioneers plant on the peaks? Why do climbers need ski crampons, ice axes and oxygen tanks? How is life in the mountains arranged? Who is called «The Great»? The answers to these and many other questions can be found on the pages of this book. You will visit the highest mountains of the planet as part of expeditions from different countries and eras, witness their deafening successes and tragic failures.
     You will get acquainted with inventors and scientists, the first guides and the first climbers who boldly climbed into the unknown, leaving behind studied mountain ranges, compiled maps, traversed paths and trails, along which others followed them. And they still go there. After all, mountains are beauty, love and the meaning of life. After all, there are still mountains on Earth that no one has ever climbed.


This book became a diploma winner in the «Image of the Book» International Contest in 2021 («Best illustrations for non-fiction» category).