Tatiana Ukleiko is an illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist from Russia currently living at coast of the Marmara sea in Turkiye not far from Istanbul. She was born and raised in Siberia. Since 2005 Tatyana studied painting for five years at Irkutsk Regional College of Fine Arts.

In 2016 she graduated from The Stieglits State Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Saint-Petersburg, Russia with a BA (Hons) in Graphic design.

She mostly likes to work in mixed media technique: pencils, graphite, ink, watercolors, gouache and oil. She creates illustrations that are atmospheric, mysterious and sometimes ironic.

Tatiana takes inspiration from her surroundings and everyday life. Also she gets inspired by historical photos, antique household items and vintage fashion.

Tatiana is an illustrator of the book «To The Mountains. A History Of Alpinism» (Peshkom Books Publishing House, Russia, 2020) This book became a diploma winner in the «Image of the Book» International Contest in 2021 («Best illustrations for non-fiction» category).

Tatiana is available for freelance work and collaboration. 
To contact, please write an e-mail: tatianaukleiko@gmail.com